5 reasons why you should make a deal with Foodhub

1. High quality produce (vegetables, root vegetables, etc.) from farmers who are committed to producing the best for you. The products are 100 percent traceable back to the farm.


2. Interesting specialty- and seasonal products (game, specialty flour etc.) which are rarely available in grocery stores.


3. Through Local Foodhub you can order products from farms in Uusimaa, and conveniently pick them all up at one place, even by metro. The Foodhub currently operates at the Herttoniemi library, only about 600 meters from the Siilitie metro station.


4. You take part in developing local and sustainable food production. This strengthens the primary producer’s position in the food chain in a positive way.


5. You know exactly where your food comes from and how it is produced. Through Foodhub you get acquainted with local food production, and you can get cooking tips and ideas directly from the farmer while exploring local food culture and new products.


Sound interesting? Sign up and make your pre-orders here: